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Our philosophy is to not only repair the cartilage damage itself, but to carefully determine and correct the underlying causes of the damage, such as malalignment, ligament instability and loss of meniscal function. This systematic approach has helped us maximize the success rates of our procedures. 


Michelle | Total Knee Replacements

“Five years ago @ BWH you replaced both my knees; I had hiked half the Appalachian Trail. On my new knees, I hiked the 2nd half, completing it this past Saturday. I could not have done it without you!”


Amy | ACI + ACL Reconstruction

“I had two ACL reconstruction surgeries, articular cartilage damage on my femur, and an unstable ACL when I met Dr. Minas. He was able to graft my bone, revised my ACL and replace my missing cartilage through the ACI procedure. I live in Chicago and flew to Boston (where he was practicing at the time) to be his patient, since he was the only surgeon that I was confident could give me the best chance for a successful outcome. My ACI surgery was in July of 2004, and I’m still feeling great. I can run after my 2 young children, exercise daily and live the healthy and active life that I thought was lost before I met him. I can not recommend him highly enough, and to say that I’m eternally grateful for him giving me my active life back is an understatement.”


Jesse | Partial Knee Replacement

“I discovered that although Dr. Minas is a world-class expert in the field of joint preservation, in person, he behaves more like a small-town doctor. He always took the time to listen to my questions and concerns, and he has surrounded himself with wonderful, compassionate people. Now, 20 years after my initial injury, I am so grateful to Dr. Minas and his exceptional staff. As a Florida resident, I was thrilled to hear of his recent move to the Paley Institute in West Palm Beach. But the truth is that I would willing to travel to see him regardless of his practice location, and I’m sure that most of his patients feel the same way. Thank you, Dr. Minas!”


Mike | MACI + High Tibial Osteotomy

“After three hours of hiking, I was exhausted, but of all the parts of me that hurt (every muscle of my legs and feet), my knee was not one. It actually felt better after three hours of scrambling up ladders, rocks, dirt paths and logs that than it did prior to surgery. I was in much worse cardio shape, no question, but my knee actually didn’t hurt. ​ I started finally jogging on a treadmill last week, and I’m up to a half-mile (at 10-minute mile pace) at a time. It’s still sore, it’s a little wobbly, but it’s encouraging, and I can’t wait to see what successes the next year brings. Thank you Dr. Minas and the Paley team for all you’ve done!”

Post-op osteochondral allograft transpla

Meagan | Osteochondral Allograft Transplantation

“The staff at St. Mary’s was wonderful, the surgery was a success, and Dr. Minas and his team made sure I was set up for a successful recovery. Many weeks were spent on crutches and a cane, countless hours on a continuous passive motion machine, many months of physical therapy, but in the end, the payoff was worth it! My knee was almost pain-free for the first time in years.”

Other Patient Testimonials

“I am officially a triathlete. I completed my second triathlon just yesterday…I want to thank you for how you have changed by life. Without you and your staff, I would not be living the life I am now and loving the way I am.”

“The knee is working great! With my snow-shoeing and hiking…it’s taken me to new heights.”

“Thank you so much for ‘fixing’ my leg. I now feel confident that I am not going to be one of those old bow-legged men hobbling down the sidewalk because of your skill.”

“Just finished a challenging 5-day cycling trip in Colorado (416 miles, 20,000 ft climbing). Knee did not hurt at all – Thanks!”

“I want to thank you for the great care and follow up related to my recent surgery, and let you know that it’s really improved by situation – for which I’m really grateful!!”

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